Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man

Taurus woman and Scorpio man both are willing to commit and they make loyal partners for one another. They both have some positive as well as negative characteristics but they often admire positive traits of one another. Together they can have life long relationship.

Taurus woman: Taurus woman is elegant and curvaceous lady. She is kind and gentle in nature. She is intelligent and smart woman. She shows enough dedication in every work she does. She has cautious nature thus she often choose tried and tested methods for executing any work. She works patiently with undeniable hard work thus she often succeeds in her every task. As a lover she is loyal. She may shy away at initial stages but then she will be romantic to have as a lover. She has calm personality but she can turn deadlier if anyone tries to cause any trouble to her family.


 Scorpio man: Scorpio man is strong and independent person. He is intelligent and analytical person. He can judge people at first meeting. He generally likes to learn about people and their personalities but he may not show his actual habits. He looks calm from outside but there are many thoughts his mind waiting to be executed by him. He likes to learn from surroundings. He makes possessive lover and can become suspicious if enough attention is not given to him. He also shows intense care and affection for his lover.  

Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man

When they first meet each other, Taurus woman may find it difficult to deal with self absorbed Scorpio man but as they spend more time with each other she finds his passionate and romantic personality. She needs commitment and Scorpio man seeks the lover who can be trusted for long relationship. Scorpio man has bad experiences from his past and he doesn’t want to lose his love again. Thus he may become possessive for her. Taurus woman can give him loyal and loving partner. She can fulfill his every desire and give pleasure of life time. She can always support him with her clever mind but she will have to take care not be bossy on him.

Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man Scorpio man is passionate lover. He can provide her love like no other man. He keeps her satisfied and shows enough respect to her qualities. He wouldn’t mind spending money on Taurus woman if it makes her happy. He will protect her from any harm that may come in their way. Scorpio man is very protective for his lover and family. He never forgets his enemy and he will come back to him at right time. When Taurus woman and Scorpio man bonds well with one another they make strong relationship with one another. They both show protective nature for one another which Taurus woman and Scorpio man both like.

Taurus woman may leave her traditional concept and show interest in considering his way of working. Scorpio man will leave his jealousy and self absorbed nature if he gets proper respect and love. Taurus woman and Scorpio man relationship starts immediately and there is a chance that they both will also have long lasting relationship. Still there can be some major problems in this relationship due to their rigid and dominating natures. Scorpio man would like to have upper hand in this relationship but Taurus woman may become reluctant to adapt him. Scorpio man can have hidden feelings and motives which can make him detached person.

Taurus woman and Scorpio man will have to show respect for each other’s opinion. Good communication can help them to have peaceful relationship. 

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